PLEASE TAKE ME HOME: The Story of the Rescue Cat

PLEASE TAKE ME HOME: The Story of the Rescue Cat

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Cat ladies of the past, also known as 'auxiliary feeders' or 'care givers', were by their nature highly secretive. Those who love or work around cats professionally such as vets, rescuers, advocates and behaviourists have left abundant records. Published sources drawn on for this history include contemporary journals and magazines, especially Our Cats for the Edwardian period, the Animal World journal of the RSPCA which also includes pre-1908 extracts of the Battersea Home for Lost and Starving Dogs, The Cat Journal of the Cats Protection League, Fur Trade News and many other national and regional newspapers from the British Library Archives. The story of Mrs Morgan and the Royal Cat Scandal of 1903 is on file at the National Archives, opened after a 100 year closure. The less sensitive wartime records of NARPAC and the later Feral Colony travails of the British Museum have long been available plus other charity organisations, snoopers on cat shelters and the notorious Cat Contessa, the Countess de la Torre. There are many and varied reasons why cats become rescue cats as this book shows but mostly it is due to some human's fault. Here are stray cats and forsaken cats, charming abodes and posh cats, a midnight band of mercy, the queen of cats, waifs of the great city, and how good homes were found between 1930 and 1970 for the Blitz cats, from 1970 to 1990 asylum seeking cats and top cats 1990-2020, online, celebrity cats and how you too can adopt your rescue cat. Here are true moving stories of three-legged moggies used in advertising, Downing Street's Larry and street cat Bob, hard-working rescuer Celia Hammond and more. 434pp in paperback with eight pages of photos.
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