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The author presented the BBC programme 'Bloody Queens' and had also featured in a Timewatch episode about Mary Queen of Scots in 1987, commemorating the 400th anniversary of her execution. The first publication of this book was in 1988 and it was greeted with howls of outrage which delighted Jenny Wormald as it reinvigorated the historical debate. Her focus was Mary's actions as monarch, queen and reign, 1561-1567. She locates the setting within its longer-term Stewart context and its wider geographical European setting, not just 'a little local Scottish drama', but part of an era of revolution and reformation. Wormald says that Mary failed in her duties as a Catholic monarch in a kingdom in which the Protestant reformers had only recently overthrown the Catholic church. She does touch on the questions over Mary's implication in Darnley's murder, and the authenticity of the Casket Letters. It is a story of violence, sexual scandal and murder, a reimagining of how medieval and early Scottish government and Stuart monarchy worked. Beautiful, often highly principled, yet both devious and naïve, Mary's plotting including the involvement in the murder of her husband Lord Darnley, led to her flight from Scotland, imprisonment by her cousin Elizabeth I of England, and subsequent execution. Born with supreme power, Mary was wholly incapable of coping with its responsibilities and here is her story in the most colourful and emotionally searing episodes in history. 264pp in paperback, 16 pages of colour illustrations.
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