BLACK SABBATH: Symptom of the Universe

BLACK SABBATH: Symptom of the Universe

MICK WALL    Book Number: 85609    Product format: Paperback

Calling all Midland rockers and fans of music writer and press agent Mick Wall, if you have ever headbanged or enjoyed the raunchy bassline in Iron Man, this one's for you. Godfathers of heavy metal and rulers of the rock universe, this is the unique story of Black Sabbath told for the very first time. Wall reveals why the band sacked Ozzy Osbourne, how guitarist Tommy Iommi spent years in a cocaine-fuelled haze, how drummer Bill Ward became a beggar panhandling on the streets of Venice Beach and much much more. As Ozzy says 'We were four f***king dummies from Birmingham, what did we know about anything?' Recapture your 'first glimpse of the cold fires of hell, body oscillating with the feeling of filthy inescapability.' A really imaginative text full of detail from 35 years of interviews with the band members about girls, monolithic title tracks, inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft, musicianship, and how in 1970 the band jumped straight into the UK charts at number 28 courtesy of John Peel. Here are days from the marquee right to some 28 changing band members and the introduction of Ronnie James Dio right up to Black Sabbath's 2012 US tour back with Ozzie in place. The index is a who's who in rock and the bands who followed in their tracks. 380pp in paperback.
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