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Born in 1938 although you would never believe it, this blue eyed blonde advocates a healthy lifestyle and a way to cure illness naturally, without drugs. Since the success of her first cookbook Live Raw, here is a super collection of recipes by country, organised by breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks. Recipes range from raw versions of Spanish Pizza, Minestrone Soup, Portabello Steak Au Poivre, Italian Spiced Stuffed Red Peppers, Spanish Vegetable Paella, Indian Curries, Pad Thai Noodles, Greek Wild Rice Stuffed Tomatoes, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, and Spiced Chocolate Bark. Preparing raw foods stimulates creativity and the finished product really can be a work of art for the senses and the aroma of herbs and spices can make our mouths salivate. Enjoy the language of food, the joy of farmers' markets, learn all about sprouting and protein; meat is not the only source of protein - broccoli contains 45% protein, spinach 49% compared to pork with only 27% and chicken 23%, kale 45% protein, parsley 34%, cauliflower 40%, cucumber 24%, green pepper 22%, mushrooms 37%, tomatoes 18% and eggs just 12%. Sea vegetables and seaweed also have more protein than an egg. Quite simply, raw protein and raw sugar is superior to processed. She travels to Spain, France, Germany and chows down on a filling sausage with mustard sauce and tempting pancakes, to Italy for a Savoury Wild Rice Risotto and to Greece to sit in the sun enjoying a Pita Wrapped Gyro with Dill cucumber Sauce and a slice of Walnut Orange Cake. Then to India and Thailand for the exotic, unusual and delicious. 120 new international recipes, lush travel photos and must-have advice. An ideal raw vegan cookbook. 212pp, 9" x 11", colour photos.
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