WORDS OF A FEATHER: An Etymological Exploration

WORDS OF A FEATHER: An Etymological Exploration

GRAEME DONALD    Book Number: 85568    Product format: Hardback

Have you ever wondered the connection between the words 'albatross' and 'Alcatraz'? Or 'rhubarb' and 'barbarian'? 'Bandit' or 'Banal', 'Parrot' and 'Wig', 'Village' and 'Villain', 'Explode' and 'Applaud'. Or maybe 'yoga' and 'conjugal'? Graeme Donald, an aficionado and author of books on the meaning and origins of words, including scientific and historical misconceptions, has composed this quirky and witty compendium studying 200 random words that share the same ancestry. Discover how the horrific mythological harpies received their name due to their tendency to pluck or seize, plucking at the dead, or at a harp; a macabre yet humorous understanding of our language. From a rector and rectum, to a franchise and frankfurter, Donald searches for the truth behind words we use every day including his history of 'clique' and 'clappers', where professional clappers for unsuccessful shows were called 'claques', who then went on to form their own society on the fringes of the theatrical world, creating the word 'clique'. Expand your vocabulary as well as learn about the original roots of English as Donald links the 'sarcophagus' with 'sarcastic' through their origin 'sarx': meaning flesh as sarcophagus devours a corpse, and sarcasm bites into a listener's flesh. Word play takes on a whole new meaning with this intelligently amusing compendium. Mono illustrations, 234pp.
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