COMPLETE WATERCOLOUR: For Beginners and Beyond

COMPLETE WATERCOLOUR: For Beginners and Beyond

DAVID WEBB    Book Number: 85551    Product format: Hardback

Become the next Turner with this comprehensive guide to mastering the skill of creating watercolour paintings. David Webb, a teacher and artist, draws on his own expertise and the traditional methods, from the style of 'spattering', to how to effectively portray viewpoint and format, and creates a thorough journey from a watercolour novice to an artistic expert. Choosing papers and pigments, mixing, tonal scale, wet on wet, wet on dry, drybrush, tinted backgrounds, using masking fluid and more. Webb helps students distinguish the different paints and how they are effective for different styles, from Watercolour inks and pencils, to 'gouache', and illustrates every method using step-by-step images demonstrating the progression of a painting while briefly explaining the process below. What is so brilliant about this guide to watercolour, however, is Webb's use of professional artists' work at the end of each section to illustrate how a certain method has been used, citing works such as Laurel Covington Vool's 'Tourists on Miyajima Beach', and Tim Wilmot's 'St Tropez'. At the end of the collection, each professional presents the best advice whether that is Brenda Swenson's perspective on stained paper collage, Thomas W. Schaller's ideas on creating atmosphere in watercolour, or Théo Sauer's beauty in decay. As you master the beautiful skill of watercolour, you will become perfectly comfortable with autumn woodland effects, colour and tone as compositional devices, and the use of salt. If watercolours were not your forte before, they will be after this. 9" x 10¼", colour images, 258pp.
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