BRADMAN ALBUMS: Slipcased Two Volume Set

BRADMAN ALBUMS: Slipcased Two Volume Set

SIR DONALD BRADMAN    Book Number: 85550    Product format: Hardback

Volume One of 424 pages covers the years 1925 to 1934 and Volume Two extending to make the two volume set up to 800 pages, covers the years 1935 to 1949. Originally published in 1987 when Sir Donald Bradman was still with us, he wrote the introduction, and what we have here are selections from his official collection reproduced in their entirety in facsimile. In order to retain the authentic style, a minimal amount of new typesetting has been done and most of the newspaper clippings, all the letters, telegrams and photographs have been reproduced as they appeared in the columns, to the best possible quality given their age. Included are also full page colour plates depicting Bradman's cricket bats, kit and even a beautiful picture of his wife Jessie on her wedding day in April 1932. With the Ashes series still as popular as ever, and a dominance of the Australians in the game of cricket, Bradman rewrote the record books and swelled the attendance at every game he played. The Don was the biggest star of the era and it is fascinating to read the early reports on him, the Boy From Bowral as he was often described. Even when he fails in his Test début, the press still appears to be on his side and he set the bar incredibly high from a young age. The Surrey Captain Percy Fender was one of the few to openly criticise Bradman in the press, but quickly had to eat his words as the young Aussie whacks Surrey for 252, and ends up posting 974 runs in the first five Tests. For the cricket purists, the 1932-33 English Ashes tour, Bodyline, is covered at length. The Aussie press quickly paint the English Captain Douglas Jardine and his chief fast bowler Harold Larwood as the villain, and Don Bradman as the Australian hero. The first volume finishes after the 1934 Ashes tour where it is no exaggeration to write that Bradman comes close to death. There are other huge events covered including WWII and questions such as which branch of the armed forces he will join. He joins the Air Force but quickly becomes ill and is invalided out. As with the first volume, the second reproduces one or more newspaper facsimile articles or telegrams per page together with beautiful paintings of Bradman, posters, a silver replica of the Warwick Vase on some of the gorgeous colour plates. 800pp, slipcased, 9¼" x 11¾".
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