YOU ARE HERE: Around the World in 92 Minutes

YOU ARE HERE: Around the World in 92 Minutes

CHRIS HADFIELD    Book Number: 85535    Product format: Hardback

Visually stunning photographs from the International Space Station of the great planet Earth from the astronaut who took the photographs, here is the bestselling author and celebrated astronaut Chris Hadfield. Millions fell in love with him through his Twitter feed and were astonished when we first saw his photographs from the ISS. We may have caught their beauty but missed the full meaning, and now in book form we can take a fresh and insightful look at our planet in aerial colour detail. The importance of these images cannot be stressed giving us knowledge of our geology, geography and meteorology and through Chris's text he reveals the photos' mysteries. The collection features his favourite images from the 45,000 taken during 2,597 orbits divided by continent and it is a breathtakingly beautiful perspective on the wonders of the world. The view of Buenos Aires, one of Argentina's biggest cities, a busy port and city on one side of the Rio Paraná and a sharp dividing line to the soggy wetlands, home to birds and fish and piranhas on the other side. See the drunkenly weaving tributary rivers in the tropical rainforest of Bolivia, dawn creeping past the Moon as night light still blooms across the Southeast and US, a deep blue abyss of the Tongue of the Ocean, a trench in the Bahamas, a sandy desert in Northern Australia, the rebuilt capital of South Korea, Seoul, the warren of ancient streets in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, Denmark bridges, French beaches, Mount Etna, dazzlingly linear cotton farms in the Sudan, one of the largest irrigation projects in the world, looking like a blue mosaic and bright green crop circles along the Orange River in South Africa. Textured, colourful, superbly captioned, the book is beautifully designed with photo location maps, nice typography and full page glossy colour images of the continents grouped by Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America. 200 pages, 9¼" square.
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