FIRE AND FURY: Inside the Trump White House

FIRE AND FURY: Inside the Trump White House

MICHAEL WOLFF    Book Number: 85427    Product format: Hardback

Among those running the Trump campaign there was an unspoken assumption that not only would Trump not be president, but neither should he be and even The Donald himself regarded the campaign as great publicity for his proposed new TV network, aided by his friend Roger Ailes. Conveniently the first assumption meant that nobody had to deal with the second... oh dear! Trump and his tiny band of campaign warriors had been ready to lose with fire and fury - they had made no plan for victory which led to the most stormy (no pun intended), outrageous and mesmerising presidential term of our times. Published last year, Wolff originally intended this to be an account of the first 100 days, a traditional milestone in US politics, but events barrelled on with no natural pause so a line was drawn after 200 days. As a seasoned political journalist and author of many years, Wolff had extraordinary access to the Trump White House, including Donald himself and staff of all levels. Explosive is often an exaggerated term applied to a book of this genre, but not here. Here is a wealth of detail of the chaos in the Oval Office including the low-down on all those firings and resignations, Trump?s complex relationship with his own family, what his family and staff really think of him, his ongoing war with the Obama administration and the wiretapping claim, why FBI Director James Comey was fired, why Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner could not be in the same room, and, perhaps most importantly of all, what the secret to communicating with the President is. Never has a presidency divided the American people - nay, the world - like this. The king of disharmony and disunion, Donald Trump continues to thrill and appal on a daily basis, and who is to say how things will yet work out. Like this book, you can never accuse the Orange One of being dull! 321pp.
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