REVOLVING DOOR OF LIFE: A 44 Scotland Street Novel

REVOLVING DOOR OF LIFE: A 44 Scotland Street Novel

ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH    Book Number: 85397    Product format: Hardback

For seven year old Bertie Pollock, life in Edinburgh's most celebrated fictional street has just got immeasurably better. The enforced absence of his endlessly pushy mother Irene, currently conscious-raising in a Bedouin harem, has many blessings - no psychotherapy, no Italian lessons and no yoga classes. For Scotland Street's grown ups, life throws up some new dilemmas. Matthew makes a discovery that could make him even richer but also leaves him worried. Pat makes one that could make her poorer and her father miserable, unless that über-narcissist Bruce can help her out. And the Duke of Johannesburg we discover isn't exactly who he says he is. From what happens behind Edinburgh Airport's luggage carousel to Machiavellian manoeuvrings at the Association of Scottish Nudists, McCall Smith guides us through the unexpected side of Edinburgh life in his comedic tour de force. 281pp with line art. 2015 modern first edition.
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ISBN 9781846973284
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