GOBLINS: The Outer Realm

GOBLINS: The Outer Realm

DANNY WILLIS    Book Number: 85339    Product format: Hardback

A big fantasy picture book with huge gatefold pages, mini booklets and lift-the-flaps. The world of Grrym is a place of great beauty with grand valleys, lush forests, deep waterways and the goblin dwellers have a thirst for knowledge, just like Earth dwellers. But on Grrym all things are affected by magjiik. We meet a typical goblin family, see their disagreements, many dialects, farming, the most unusual creatures of burden they have bred, and dozens of goblin facts about their size and lifespan of 250 years. We read about their magical organ pipes, haunted forests and see it in a spectacular double-page colourful gatefold together with all the creatures and inhabitants. In Quibbitt City, more than 65,000 years ago, there was a Wizards' Warren and a Merchants' Guild Hall. Read the story of Rainbow Gate, the Super Nurb, meet different types of troll and their weapons, the moonpok and other giant sized inhabitants, many very ugly, many armed, winged and weaponed. A favourite of ours is the Goblin Style File where you can lift many flaps to reveal the clothing and beard and fantastical hats worn. There is an official Survival Guide for Earth Dwellers and for emergencies only, your very own sack of Magjiik Soil, bright yellow in colour at the back of the book. It seems that these evil creatures, the trolls, have set their sights on Earth! Beware, to appeal to ages ten to adult, padded cover, a big fantasy art book, 12" x 10".
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ISBN 9781741781571
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