STITCHED SAFARI: 18 Adorable Animals to Make With Felt

STITCHED SAFARI: 18 Adorable Animals to Make With Felt

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Step by step instructions to help you make a marvellous menagerie - just think of the fun a child could have playing with these cute miniature creatures. All are made from felt which is a friendly, cosy, colourful fabric that is easy to work with and extremely popular and in fashion. Here are elephants, flamingos, penguins, giraffes, rabbits, zebras and pandas - eighteen animals in all, each as cute as the next. It isn't only children who would appreciate them - any cat lover will adore the rather surprised-looking black cat sitting bolt upright, or the playful pouncing moggy. Particularly appealing are the sweet faced sheep with their fluffy coats. Detailed diagrams explain exactly where to stitch and which bits to attach to what. There is also advice on tools, materials, cutting, sewing and finishing touch techniques such as adding eyes, manes and tails. A separate template sheet is attached to the inside back cover, so all you need to do is to copy or trace the pieces that you need for your desired miniature feltie figure. Softback. 128pp, colour illus.
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