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Expertly designed and produced on yellow linen cloth with boards front and back, there is a library ticket pocket on the front and a triple gatefold at page 161 of a magnificent embroidered letter with a hand-stitched text of a somewhat rambling and frequently angry autobiographical letter from Lorina Bulwer, 1901. The text is typeset on the reverse of these pages. What began as a website turned into a mammoth four year project to produce a beautifully designed book full of reproductions of the original hand or typewritten, tapestry or printed letters or messages together with background and the letter typeset alongside. Many are illustrated like Beatrix Potter's letter to Noel Moore, the five year old son of her friend and former governess, Annie Moore, and decorated with the first Peter Rabbits which later became so popular. Ranging over many decades and continents, the letters deliver the same mix of the heartfelt, the historically significant, tragic, comic and unexpected, or on death, like Cassandra's heart-breaking letter to her niece describing the dying moments of her beloved sister Jane Austen. Discover Richard Burton's farewell note to Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Keller's letter to the New York Symphony about 'hearing' their concert through her fingers, the final missive from a doomed Japan airlines flight in 1985, a 20 year old David Bowie's reply to his first piece of fan mail from America and even Albus Dumbledore writing to a reader applying for a position at Hogwarts. There is a letter from Che Guevara to his children, Jessica Mitford to herself, Henry James to 270 friends (long before email!), Charlotte Brontë to W. S. Williams, Carl Jung to James Joyce, Florence Nightingale to William Bowman, Bram Stoker to Walt Whitman, Hunter S. Thompson to Anthony Burgess, Dylan to Caitlin Thomas, Hugh Dowding to Winston Churchill, Dorothy Parker to Pascal Covici, Janis Joplin to her parents and Tom Clancy to his friends. A huge collection, presented on 366 very large pages. Masses of colour and other illus and woodcuts. 8" x 11".
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Fascinating insight
from Anonymous on 26/04/2019
These letters give a fascinating insight into the private thoughts of important people in the sense they represent the thinking of their day and have unique historical relevance. If you are a historian or just nosey, it is a good read. There are also some literary gems.