ESTABLISHED: Lessons from the World's Oldest Companies

ESTABLISHED: Lessons from the World's Oldest Companies

THE DARK ANGELS COLLECTIVE    Book Number: 85191    Product format: Hardback

Heritage, adaptation, values and flexibility. From the oldest pub in the world to the Liberty Bell and the origins of a nation, the book tells the stories of 12 businesses with a combined age of almost 5,000 years. They have survived war, plague, rebellion, boom, bust, depression and strange twists of fate, but how and what can we learn from them? Spanning the local and the global, family businesses and household names such as Guinness and Wrigley, the book uncovers the secrets behind their longevity. It includes the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Berry Bros. & Rudd and the Hampton Ferry. You have to ring the bell to call the ferry and board a canal boat painted purple with stars on a service run by two retired engineers. Read about the stories this ferry has witnessed, from Tudor kings to blood-stained duels and bare-knuckle fighting, hot air balloons and Lord Byron. With chapters entitled Custard Pies, Kitty the Suffragette and A Boat Called Big Love. Lovely snippets of British history throughout and well chosen images and quotes. 224pp.
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