VANDALS: Conquerors of the Roman Empire

VANDALS: Conquerors of the Roman Empire

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Synonymous with barbaric destruction yet little understood, Vandals are a household name. The book follows their incredible migrations through the Roman Empire from Germany to Spain, over to North Africa, then back by sea across the Mediterranean to sack Rome. It analyses the armies, equipment and tactics and those of their Roman and other enemies and provides a detailed study of battles and campaigns. Maps of Vandal settlements in Germania and major administrative divisions of the Roman Empire and location of armies explain the complex role the Vandals played in the end of the Western Roman Empire. It was on the last day of AD406 that a group of German tribes crossed the Rhine, pierced the Roman defensive lines and began a rampage, sacking the cities of Metz, Arras and Strasbourg. The Alans, marching the breadth of Gaul, crossed the Pyrenees and made themselves masters of Spain. This Kingdom of the Vandals and Alans soon came under intense pressure from Rome's Visigothic allies and in 429, under their new King Gaiseric, they crossed to North Africa and established a stable kingdom. They famously sacked Rome itself in 455 and eventually were utterly conquered by Belisarius in 533 and vanished from history. 190pp, colour and other illus and maps.
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