STRANGE WEATHER: Four Short Novels

STRANGE WEATHER: Four Short Novels

JOE HILL    Book Number: 85111    Product format: Paperback

George R. R. Martin himself called this 'Original and gripping' and here we have the Sunday Times bestseller splendid outsize softback edition. The bestselling author of The Fireman and Horns links four short novels by weather. From splinters of deadly rain to a cloud that is more solid than it should be, these tales demonstrate Joe Hill's remarkable ability to show you what hides beneath our reality. Much as he did in The Fireman, he shows how society can come apart when we fail. 'On the morning Shelly turned up at the base of the driveway, I was working on my party gun. It looked like a death ray from a pulp-era science-fiction novel, a big horn of dented brass with the butt and trigger of a Luger. When you pulled the trigger, though, it sounded an airhorn, popped flashbulbs and blew a storm of confetti and paper ribbons.' Modern American fiction with some swearing. 432pp, line art.
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