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Hurry! Excitement! Amazement! These three words were made famous by William Shakespeare, Amazement being used in nine of his plays. This colourful guide takes the turn of phrase that Shakespeare enjoyed using and puts them into context, applying them in a sentence before explaining the meaning and its relation to Shakespeare's work. Laugh yourself into stitches (another of Shakespeare's turns of phrase) and enjoy these brilliant explanations to ideas such as 'love letter' or 'dead as a doornail' accompanied by colourful, fun illustrations showing the Shakespearian stage - spot Elizabeth I in some of the audiences! What's done is done, for goodness' sake, with bated breath, too much of a good thing? Yes! With a timeline of Shakespeare's life, the guide will be as informative as it is enjoyable for the young and old reader discovering Shakespeare for the first time or revisiting him over and over again. English will take on a whole new meaning with this fantastically funny guide to our language through the work of the Bard. 10¼" square, colour illustrations, 40pp. Ages 10 to adult.
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ISBN 9781580896382
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