TIME & A WORD: The Yes Story

TIME & A WORD: The Yes Story

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Yes have sold over 30 million albums. True fans of the progressive rock band Yes will delight in the info that 1956 saw Rick Wakeman taking his first piano lessons while at Christmas 1959 Steve Howe received his first guitar, an f-hole acoustic. This comprehensive timeline starts in the forties when the first wave of Yes-men were born. Fast-forward a few years and Chris Squire is suspended from school for his long hair, while Steve is already releasing singles, including 'Howling for my Baby'. Inspired by a mix of the Beatles and the jazz of Wes Montgomery, by the end of the sixties the nerdy band Yes are working on their first album, 'bending psychedelia in a scholarly manner'. Close to the Edge went platinum in the States, but by the end of the 70s they are ready for a reboot. Jon Anderson heads off for Barbados, Rick Wakeman, about to embark on a short-lived second marriage, sets up as a tax exile in Switzerland, and the band collapses. Why did Anderson and drummer Alan White spend so much time in junkyards? Future Yes members Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes now issue The Age of Plastic as The Buggles. When Jon returns to the fold Yes is re-formed and the show is on the road again in the nineties with Union. The tougher sound of Open Your Eyes is fuelled by Billy Sherwood, and in the 2000s the author poses the 64 million dollar question: Can Rick Wakeman remember all of his albums? Not in the right order, quips the veteran rocker. Maybe the same is true of his wives. Includes the last ever interview with the late, brilliant bassist Chris Squire, plus Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) to provide a rounded view of the prog movement. 206pp, paperback, photos in black and white and colour, selected discography.
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