SEA WARFARE: 150th Anniversary Edition

SEA WARFARE: 150th Anniversary Edition

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In the decade leading up to WWI the government was spending huge amounts on building up the Royal Navy, the so-called 'silent service', and people were beginning to question where, exactly, this money was going. When war broke out, the efforts of and effects upon the army were well-documented, but there was much less information from the navy, so this clamour became louder. In response the Admiralty asked Rudyard Kipling, arguably the most popular prose writer of the time, to write a series of newspaper articles that explained (and, naturally, glamorised) the role of the Royal Navy. In all there were 13 articles, published primarily in the Daily Telegraph between November 1915 and October 1916 and these are reprinted in this compilation, published in 2015 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Kipling's birth. Dramatic, flamboyant and thrilling, we learn a great deal about the different vessels from submarines to dreadnoughts and minesweepers to requisitioned trawlers and all ranks of the men that crewed them and how sea warfare was conducted in those days. Interspersed throughout are extracts from Kipling's poems, adding yet more theatre to the articles. 152pp, pocket size with grey satin bookmark.
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