EDGE OF THE EMPIRE: A Journey to Britannia

EDGE OF THE EMPIRE: A Journey to Britannia

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The distance from the imperial city of Rome to the military garrison of Corbridge on Hadrian's Wall is just under 1500 miles. What was it like to make the journey in, say, 130 AD? The author takes two historical figures who travelled to Britain around then, Julius Severus who had been appointed the new governor of Britannia, and the dashing L. Minicius Natalis the Younger, commander of the VI Victrix legion at Eboracum (York). Departing by sea from Civitavecchia, then as now the gateway to Rome, the travellers land in Kent and travel to London by uncomfortable rattling carriage, taking the route along the river Ebbsfleet and crossing to the north bank over what we now know as London Bridge, with the city's magnificent new basilica straight ahead. Minicius Natalis will continue up the Great North Road to Eboracum, or take the A1 to York as we would now say, while Severus might take head west to the Welsh fortress of Caerleon and then go north up the Marches to Deva (Chester). Road widths vary hugely, and unmetalled roads are kinder to Roman horses which are unshod. Passing through Aquae Sulis (Bath) Severus will be invited to take part in a sacrificial ritual as Hadrian's representative. From here there is a good road to the Wall, where he will be expected to address problems of climate, marauding Scots, and the ban on marriage for the soldiers, many of whom have families with local women. 335pp, notes, bibliography. Remainder mark.
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