TRUE STORY OF HANSEL AND GRETEL: A Novel of War and Survival

TRUE STORY OF HANSEL AND GRETEL: A Novel of War and Survival

LOUISE MURPHY    Book Number: 84930    Product format: Paperback

A Penguin paperback edition with reader's guide inside, here is the poignant and suspenseful retelling of a famous fairy tale set in a war-torn world. In the last months of the Nazi occupation of Poland, two children are left by their father and step-mother to find safety in a dense forest. Because their real names will reveal their Jewishness, they are renamed 'Hansel' and 'Gretel'. They wander in the woods until they are taken in by Magda, an eccentric and stubborn old woman called 'witch' by the nearby villages. She is determined to save the children, even as a German officer arrives in the village with his own plans for them. A haunting novel of survival, redemption and memory. 297pp in paperback. Remainder mark.
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ISBN 9780142003077
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