TILL TIME'S LAST SAND: A History of the Bank of England

TILL TIME'S LAST SAND: A History of the Bank of England

DAVID KYNASTON    Book Number: 84929    Product format: Hardback

The Bank of England commenced business on the week beginning 30th July 1694 with capital raised through the subscription of, among many others, a clockmaker, a salter, and the King and Queen of England. In this first single-volume authoritative book, Kynaston ties together years of meticulous research to deliver the most up-to-date chronicle of the Bank (finishing with Mervyn King's 2013 retirement and Mark Carney's succession) and its ever-changing role in the national and international sphere. Of the 118 Governors covered by Kynaston, perhaps the most interesting and troubling is Montagu Norman: a close friend of Adolf Hitler's Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht who was embroiled in controversy when it transpired that he had transferred £6,000,000 worth of Czech gold reserves to the Germans in 1939. Kynaston's polished skills of storytelling and characterisation fill what could be an otherwise dry topic with life. He explains the Bank's purpose, modes of operation, and the evolution of matters such as monetary and exchange-rate policy, quantitative easing, and the relationship between the Bank and the government and other banks. Kynaston also does full justice to the leading episodes and characters of the Bank and evokes a real sense of the place with its distinctively domestic side. With revealing material from the Bank's rich archive, he finds a way to engage the enlightened and educate the uninitiated. The book is an incredibly attractive hardback with gold metallic print on the cover and black and white photos and illustrations inside. 879pp.
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