LONDON'S TRIUMPH: Merchants, Adventurers

LONDON'S TRIUMPH: Merchants, Adventurers

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Author Alford taught for 15 years at Cambridge University and here tells the dramatic story of the dazzling growth of London in the 16th century. He brings to life the network of merchants, visionaries, crooks and sailors who changed London and England forever. In a sudden explosion of energy, English ships were found all over the world, trading with Russia and the Levant, exploring Virginia and the Arctic, and fanning out across the Indian Ocean. The families, guild members and money men who are willing to risk huge sums and sometimes their own lives were in pursuit of the rare, the exotic and the desirable. Their ambitions fuelled a new view of the world, initiating a long era of trade and empire, the consequences of which still resonate today. While the dramas of the Tudors from Henry VII and VIII to Elizabeth I were being played out at court, England was being transformed economically by the astonishing discoveries of the New World and of direct sea routes to Asia. The beginning of the century had seen London a gloomy, introverted medieval city, and as the century progressed, it boomed into something extraordinary and put London at the centre of the world stage forever. Alford shows how the mercantile networks enmeshed not only the livery companies and the court of aldermen, but also parish councils, immigrant communities and Westminster. Beginning aptly with the merchant Thomas Wyndout, he throws out long threads and weaves them into an exceptionally rich fabric. 316pp, 16 pages of colour illus plus maps. Remainder mark.
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