LAST ROYAL REBEL: Life and Death of James, Duke of Monmouth

LAST ROYAL REBEL: Life and Death of James, Duke of Monmouth

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The son of Charles II by his first mistress, the infamous courtesan Lucy Walter, James, Duke of Monmouth (as he would become) was born into a turbulent age. Between his conception and birth in 1649 his grandfather, Charles I, was executed and Lucy fled to Rotterdam, where James was born in a backstreet house. He and his father were now wanted men and the young James escaped several kidnap attempts, yet with the protection of European aristocracy he survived to become the sensation of the most licentious and libertine court in Europe, the greatest rake and reprobate of his age. After the restoration of his father to the throne in 1661 James was returned to England, and at the age of 14 he was married into Scots nobility, gaining the Monmouth Duchy. He proved very popular, particularly as he was a staunch Protestant and the heir to the throne, James I, had converted to Catholicism, and also built up a reputation as an outstanding soldier, serving with his uncle's army against the Dutch. However, when implicated in a plot to kill both his father and uncle, he was forced to flee to Holland and built up quite a following. Upon his father's death in February 1685 he landed with a force of three ships at Lyme Regis and, declaring himself King, marched upon London. He got as far as Sedgemoor in Somerset where his makeshift army was roundly defeated in the last battle ever fought on English soil. He was captured and taken to the Tower London, where he was executed on July 15th in a terribly botched beheading. James's life was a riot of licentiousness and rebellion, and a roll-call of the biggest names in Stuart England. 462pp with 16 pages of superb colour plates. Remainder mark. Rare import.
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