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Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, born around 1571 (no documentary records exist), probably in Milan, was apprenticed in 1584 for four years to Simone Peterzano, who called himself a 'pupil of Titian.' Caravaggio soon built up a circle of wealthy admirers by carrying out private commissions, but it wasn't long before public commissions came along - the first being two side-wall paintings for the Chapel of Cardinal Matteo Contarelli in the church of San Luigi del Francesi, in Rome. His life was turbulent; he was briefly imprisoned after a libel accusation, and he was involved in brawls, badly injuring one man and then later killing another. He fled to Naples, then to Malta, where it seemed he had settled down to live a respectable life, but returning to Naples three years later was badly attacked, especially around the face. 'Marked by the knife' as it was described in an old document. He died aged about 39 from a fever. His powerful paintings tend to reflect their creator's dark side and violent tendencies. Included here are works such as David and Goliath, St. John the Baptist, Entombment of Christ, Calling of St. Matthew, Judith and Holofernes, Crucifixion of St Peter and others. The informative text examines such topics as Essential Features of Caravaggio's Art, The Altarpieces for Rome, Arrangements of Objects and Figures and On the Run in Malta and Sicily. 140pp. Colour illus.
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