BEAUTIFUL CATS: Portraits of Champion Breeds

BEAUTIFUL CATS: Portraits of Champion Breeds

DARLENE ARDEN & NICK MAYS    Book Number: 84843    Product format: Paperback

40 studio portraits by Andrew Perris showcasing the enigmatic allure and elegance of the mysterious and mesmerising feline. The Persian, the Siberian, Australian Mist, Chartreux, British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest cat, Singapura, Devon Rex with its teddy bear-like tight curls, the Himalayan/Colourpoint Persian with long white silky fur and bright blue eyes, resembling a small mountain lion the Abyssinian, the very talkative Bengal and Burmese, and our favourite in the Bibliophile office, the Sphynx, a hairless cat with a wrinkled, wizened face which feels like a peach, warm as a hot water bottle and known to wrap its arms around its owner's neck and deliver kisses! There is information about every breed, background, distinguishing features and temperament. Reportage photography reveals behind-the-scenes competitions between these cats with cattitude with a furry good chance of winning. They all look pawsitiveley gorgeous to us. 112pp in large format softback, full page glossy portraits and further colour photos throughout. A beautiful book about beautiful cats in all their sleek, silky, self-sufficient, seductive and sensitive style. A real cat walk.
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ISBN 9781782401063
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