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A huge, glamorous National Portrait Gallery publication with an essay by Tim Marlow featuring the black and white icons, East End, Andy and Dalí, fashion icons, Catherine Bailey, Delhi, hardmen, beauty, a box of pin-ups, Aboriginals, the Rolling Stones, Sudan and more. Truly a gallery in itself, this exquisitely produced heavyweight publication can be opened at any double page spread and poured over again and again. Molly Parkin and Zandra Rhodes wear their most spectacularly embroidered outfits with jewellery and head dress. Karl Lagerfeld in 1984 strides across a courtyard besuited and in sunglasses opposite Tom Ford (2006) and Yves Saint Laurent (1983). Tattooed 'Prince Albert' with piercings all over his face, scrotum and penis faces on the opposite page the extraordinarily lean body of a male model and on the pages before slightly overweight and older women and men stand naked because behind the lens of Bailey's camera, evenly lit and with a white background, and an artwork emerges. Famous names from the screen, politics, music, the collection has been assembled by Bailey himself over two and a half years sifting for the NPG exhibition and his sitters have been from all periods of his work grouped according to themes such as The Fashion Shot or Still Life. The majority have been printed afresh using fine silver gelatin prints for the black and white photographs allowing for a reassessment of the density, detail and balance of each image. 2014 rare exhibition catalogue, first edition. 272pp 10¼" x 13", and over 250 colour and black and white images.
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ISBN 9781855144521
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