ARS SACRA: Christian Art and Architecture

ARS SACRA: Christian Art and Architecture

ROLF TOMAN & ACHIM BEDNORZ    Book Number: 84839    Product format: Hardback

A truly magnificent piece of art in scale, scope, depth and clarity of pictures, this architectural art gem of a book will need a very strong coffee table to hold it. It weighs 6.4kg or 225oz and measures 9¾" x 15" and 3½" depth. It is a unique tribute to 2,000 years of Christian art, architecture and spirituality from the late antiquity to the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau to contemporary artists in over 1,100 illustrations. The most famous Art Nouveau church is St Leopold's Church in Vienna by Otto Wagner (1904-1907) presented in a series of three pictures, each ever closer in detail, 'practically striding through the church' to stand in the chancel. In a very Klimt style golden decoration with iridescent blues, the third and largest close up picture shows the angels in the altar canopy. French and Spanish Romanesque sculpture, and churches like Wells Cathedral, begun approximately 1230 with further construction around 1400, the Renaissance sees painting like Leonardo da Vinci's The Annunciation of Mary at the Uffizi, and other panel paintings primarily from Florence, Bruges and other areas. For present times it is stained glass like the southern transept window in the Cologne Cathedral by Gerhard Richter (2007), with its rainbow coloured checked design, epitomising the 20th century. Numerous details focus in on altars and depictions we would otherwise find difficult to spot, wall paintings we had no idea existed such as in the Porziuncola Chapel near Assisi glinting golden as an angel approaches the Virgin Mary from 1393. It is such details that make this book of 800 pages published by Ullmann so special. Ceiling paintings that a combination of painting and stucco work, seen in detail we would never be able to view without a scaffold with three dimensional elements using the zoom principal. Added to that are many double page spreads using text and pictures with each subject given two to three pages. See the Chapel of the Rosary Vence by Henri Matisse (1948-1951) with its blue and yellow stained glass window and the glass windows by Marc Chagall (1958-1964) in the Metz Cathedral in beautiful cobalt blues and reds. With superb photos on precious, glossy paper, this is a book designed with great care which takes us on a real discovery tour of the finest religious artworks of mankind. Presented in chronological order covering 1,700 years of Christian art and culture with a substantial overview about individual epochs, special topics and extensive glossary. Remove the white dust jacket to reveal the truly beautifully illustrated golden book cover. 800pp. UK delivery only.
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