EVACUEES: Children's Lives on the WW2 Home Front

EVACUEES: Children's Lives on the WW2 Home Front

GILLIAN MAWSON    Book Number: 84799    Product format: Hardback

Operation Pied Piper was the largest ever transportation movement across Britain as civilians were taken to the countryside during the start of the Second World War. In this brief history, social historian Gillian Mawson has composed a series of touching memoirs from a group of former evacuees. In a time where tea was served at 4.30, schools held regular evacuation drills, and fish paste sandwiches were the norm, this collection shines a new light on a very dark time for the war effort at home. The evacuees open up about the conditions of their experiences, whether that was finding bugs in the washing basins, or unthinkable punishments including being locked in coal sheds. For evacuees fortunate enough to explore new places, their stories allow for readers to understand Britain from the perspective of those travelling across the sea, including from the Basque Region, Spain and Belgium. Black and white photos and posters, and numerous data across the book. Photos, 192pp.
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