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By the multi award-winning author of Shield Wall. 1066 and the greatest threat to England lies not in Normandy, but to the north, in Norway with Harald Hardrada, the most famous warrior in Christendom. But Hardrada's own route to kingship is fraught with danger and political intrigue. His family dead, he is still a boy when he is driven, alone, into exile. For over 20 years his adventures lead him across the known world, over mountains and across wild seas, down the length of Russia and ultimately to Constantinople. Hammer of the Saracens, he battles through the Mediterranean and Italy, personally leading the fight against the enemies of Byzantium, entering triumphant into the Holy City of Jerusalem itself. Drawn into political intrigue he becomes the lover of empresses and the murderer of an emperor; he holds the balance of power in the Byzantine Empire in his hands and gives it all up for a Russian princess and the chance to return home to lead his people from barbarity and heathenism. But home is not all he has imagined and he must fight the demons of his past, his family and his countrymen in a long and bitter war for revenge and power. At last he is offered the chance to conquer England and to settle his oldest scores. Told in his own voice, this is an astonishing true story, fictionalised in a subtle and intelligent prose. 379pp, map.
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