OLD MAN AND THE KNEE: How to be a Golden Oldie

OLD MAN AND THE KNEE: How to be a Golden Oldie

CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW    Book Number: 84749    Product format: Hardback

Old? Is that me you're referring to? Oh, no. For a start, I can hear every word you say. And secondly, 74 is the new 32. Christopher Matthew is determined to face out old age when it creeps up, and this hilarious book tells you just how it can be done. Old age is not necessarily for old people, purely for people who suffer from old age. The great classical scholar Gilbert Murray complained "It's a great nuisance getting old and never knowing whether you haven't said Jerusalem when you mean Paddington" and as Bette Davis pointed out, "Old age ain't no place for sissies". When the author did a radio programme with Matthew Parris on the subject of the Freedom Pass, Parris said he felt guilty at getting it free whereas Matthew pointed out that they had both spent quite enough time on the London Underground to have bought their own Tube train. But it did raise the question of when old age begins, given that at the time, Nicholas Parsons was chairing Just a Minute in his mid-nineties. Matthew's patent checklist to decide whether you are old includes falling flat on your back as you help an old lady across the road and not being able to cut your own toenails. Always remember there are three main ways of telling you are getting old: memory loss and ...not sure I can remember the other four. 276pp.
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