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The work of Vogue photographer Lee Miller (1907-77) has long been regarded as up there with the greatest, but it probably reached its zenith in the period 1944-45 when, as a US War Correspondent, she followed the Allied advance across Europe after the Normandy landings. Her photographs and despatches from the front line are quite outstanding, combining immediacy with acute observation and deep personal involvement with professional detachment. Antony Penrose is Miller's son and director of the Lee Miller Archive and here he has selected 159 remarkable photos and associated despatches (mostly post-censor) that illustrate not just his mother's astounding talent and eye for detail, but also what was happening in this unique period of human history. Here surrealist irony and utter horror are shoulder to shoulder as depictions of the ravages of war on cities, buildings, landscapes and people range from the shockingly dreadful to light-heartedly hilarious and all points in between. It is the people that Miller captures so well - war-resilient soldiers and civilians, the leaders, medics, evacuees, POWs, the wounded, the villains, the heroes and the dead on both sides. We see the fierce fighting at the siege of St Malo and the Alsace campaign and the outrage as she witnesses the victims, both living and dead, of Dachau. The horror is lightened by the spirit of post-liberation Paris with Picasso, Cocteau and Colette and then comes her dramatic depiction of the symbolic end of the war - Hitler's abandoned house in Munich and the burning of his Alpine fortress, Wachenfeld. Quite how she managed to be in the places she reported from is amazing, but there she was! 208pp softback, 159 mono photos.
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