ARCTIC AMBITIONS: Captain Cook and the North West Passage

ARCTIC AMBITIONS: Captain Cook and the North West Passage

JAMES BARNETT & DAVID NICANDRI    Book Number: 84653    Product format: Hardback

Cook's journey produced some of the finest charts, collections and anthropological observations of his career, helped establish British relations with Russia, and opened the door to the lucrative fur trade. This beautifully presented, large, volume of 18 illustrated essays was published to accompany a 2015 exhibition. Bringing fresh perspectives to James Cook's third Pacific voyage, it covers various aspects including the people he encountered, artefacts and trading, encounters between Native peoples and explorers and provides insights of his influence on subsequent expeditions. Beaglehole, a famous biographer, maintained 'Geography provided him with the imaginative, Navigation with morals.' 'Cook was the first to define the outline of continental Alaska, from the Cross Sound in Southeast Alaska to Icy Cape in the Arctic Ocean.' His charts and writings are of enormous value, and in this age of climate change the experiences with Arctic sea ice and the navigational challenges the Arctic poses are becoming increasingly relevant. Often, the third, northern, Pacific voyage is regarded as of less importance than the first two, but in reality it was just as great. He dreamed of finding the legendary North West passage as he surveyed the northwest American coast. Father of six children, he wasn't at home long enough to be a dedicated husband or father, and following his death, his wife was a widow for five decades. Tragically, by the first of those decades she had lost all of her children. The essays shed new light on the extraordinary voyage, and on Cook himself. Brimming with period map work in fine reproductions, expedition watercolours and later lithographs, artefacts. Landscape 9 x 11", 430pp. Colour and b/w illus.
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