SECOND SUNS: Two Trailblazing Doctors and Their Quest

SECOND SUNS: Two Trailblazing Doctors and Their Quest

DAVID OLIVER RELIN    Book Number: 84434    Product format: Paperback

When Harvard medical graduate Geoff Tabin joined Sanduk Ruit at the newly established Tilganga eye centre in Nepal, he was an ophthalmologist who could already work with precision using the latest equipment. He was also a fit young man with a passion for mountaineering who loved the Himalayas. On arrival he was amazed at the spotless cleanliness which could rival that of any western hospital, and this was not the first of his surprises. After watching Ruit and his assistant perform flawless surgery in a matter of minutes, Tabin took his turn, and spent an hour struggling to remove one of the largest cataracts he had ever encountered, using a microscope nowhere near as effective as those he was used to. "Not so much thrashing about" admonished Ruit, who had developed a technique of making only tiny incisions. In the days that followed, Ruit was completing 60 operations to Tabin's seven. For recreation, they met on the badminton court, where the young mountaineer Tabin was pretty confident of gaining a victory over his stout colleague. But here again, precision won the day as Ruit smashed the shuttlecock out of reach with unerring accuracy. Tabin finds he has everything to learn but he is determined not to give in, and both men are united in putting their highest priority on the alleviation of suffering. This inspiring story recounts the very different lives of two doctors with a burning commitment to treat a tiny fraction of the 160 million blind and disabled people on the planet. 422pp, paperback, photos. Remainder mark.
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