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Set in summer 1940 when the Battle of Britain is tearing the skies. Ken Armstrong is a fighter pilot in the RAF, freshly promoted to Squadron Leader. His life is about to get far more dangerous. His days of photo-reconnaissance are over. Called to Fighter Command HQ, he receives exciting new orders - to form a special squadron to take the war to the enemy. This secret squadron must sneak into enemy territory to destroy German bombers in France and the Low countries. Carried out mostly at night, this 'intruder' work is difficult and dangerous for the pilots must fly Bristol Blenheim fighters which are no match for the German Messerschmitt. Until something better comes along? How can Ken Armstrong and his team survive? Packed with period detail and dialogue and characters: "Dickie Baird gave a sudden hoot of laughter and passed the copy of the Daily Mirror to Armstrong. Both men were sitting in the ante-room of the Officer's Mess at Bircham Newton. It was teatime." The headline said 'Plane Trap is Secret'. From the Secret Squadron series first published in 1997. 249pp in paperback reprint.
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