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Germany's state bank, the Reichsbank received 21 direct hits in February 1945 when the US Air Force launched the largest daytime bombing offensive against Berlin ever, dropping over 2,250 tons of bombs on the German capital. It left the building badly damaged, its vaults unsafe and the treasure had to be hidden for safe keeping. Around 100 tons of gold bars, plus much of the paper currency reserves and foreign currency, was sent in trains from Berlin. All this loot was placed in a salt mine at a place called Merkers. This was captured intact by the US Army. From what was left, one consignment of 730 gold bars, sacks of gold coin and currency, earmarked for shipment to Bavaria, went missing and was never found. In another incident, a group of SS Troopers under the command of a 39 year old brigadier, robbed the new Reichsbank headquarters in Berlin at gunpoint. They stole jewels, securities and foreign exchange valued at nine million US dollars, and there were other robberies large and small during this time. In fact, after the war, US Army officers in league with former SS officers stole a major proportion of the remaining reserves and it was never recovered. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest robbery ever at around 4.5 billion US dollars. Colin Fulton has woven a plot around one such robbery that includes the secret German squadron KG200 that flew captured allied aircraft, renegade Russian soldiers, and a group of desperate Germans, all anxious to escape the collapsing Third Reich. The mystery surrounding the location and ultimate destination of one hoard of liberated treasure is based on historical fact. 371pp in imported paperback.
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