QUEEN ANNE: Patroness of Arts

QUEEN ANNE: Patroness of Arts

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An Oxford University Press big heavyweight magisterial and highly original view of art, music and literature in the time of Queen Anne. Such figures as Purcell, Handel, Wren, Vanbrugh, Pope, Swift, Defoe, Addison, Kneller, like the court, political parties employed writers, artists and even opera singers to promote their views. Works were made for the Queen to send overt and covert political messages to the nation and more than 40 poets wrote verses on the Duke of Marlborough's victory at Blenheim (1704), which was also celebrated in sermons, anthems, paintings and tapestries. Blenheim Palace was built by John Vanbrugh, for the Duke, at the Queen's request. As the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne (1665-1714) read plays and poetry in English and French while learning dancing, singing, acting, drawing and instrumental music and then as an adult played the guitar and harpsicord. She took a connoisseur's interest in the arts, and her patronage was informed by her practice. Works of art also illustrated the sadness of her personal life, her 18 pregnancies most ending in miscarriages, the death of her only son at the age of 11, mourned by poets, and her close friendship with Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, which ended in bitter discord. The death of her husband in 1708 left her emotionally isolated, and the wrangling among her chief ministers hastened her own death. The book is a radical revelation of the Queen herself, both as person and patron focussing on a misunderstood and underrated Queen and casting her in a new, and very expressive, light. 791 very large pages, musical scores, 18 colour plates. Small remainder mark.
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