JAPANESE LEGACY: Four Generations of Yoshida Family Artists

JAPANESE LEGACY: Four Generations of Yoshida Family Artists

LAURA ALLEN, KENDALL BROWN    Book Number: 84349    Product format: Paperback

A 2002 rare first edition exhibition catalogue which Bibliophile has specially imported and which was printed by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In 1953, the Japan Society of New York sponsored a 'Yoshida Family Exhibition' which featured 406 woodblock prints by Hiroshi (1876-1950), his wife Fujio (1887-1987), their sons Toshi (1911-95) and Hodaka (1926-95); Hodaka's wife Chizuko (born 1924), and his middle son Kobun (born 1945). This one-family art movement focussed on the 'creative print' (sosaku-hanga) instead of the 'new print' (shin-hanga) movement of which Hiroshi was a leading member. Here are abstractions as well as naturalistic woodcuts, watercolours and oil paintings, printmaking. The family developed their style by studying, teaching and exhibiting in North America as well as drawing inspiration from frequent travel around the world. The eight persons represented in the show for this exhibition catalogue spanned four generations from ancient Japanese tradition to modernity. The Yoshidas can trace their artistic beginnings to the Edo period (1615-1868), when they served as painters to the Nakatsu Warrior clan. They adopted pupils with techniques from Western-style oil painting and the family depicted Africa's exotic animals, birds, nudes and houses from Latin America, created two of the largest woodcuts ever to be printed, one of tigers and the other of an eagle, each measuring about 144 x 199cm, almost 5 x 7 feet! Hodaka produced his monumental wall prints, the largest one Red Wall measuring 112 x 172cm. These and other striking examples make their appearance in glorious colour and large format in this super sized softback. There is a checklist by artist's name and title and the subjects are captivating, be they from nature, abstract design, waterfalls, flowers, colourful woodblocks, two cranes in the Dance of Eternal Love or Lion Attacking Wildebeest, Air Battle in China from 1941 and the Skyline of New York from 1928 to traditional cherry trees and volcanoes in Japan. Truly a Japanese legacy. 222pp, 9" x 11½". Softback.
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