BOOK OF BOOKS: The Radical Impact of the King James Bible

BOOK OF BOOKS: The Radical Impact of the King James Bible

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The King James Bible has been called the Book of Books and has a good claim to the title. It consists of 66 'different books' and has sold more than any other single book since its publication in 1611. It has carried the Protestant faith around the world and is one of the fundamental makers of the modern world. Its impact on the English-speaking world is unparalleled and it can touch on histories which seem beyond our reach and teach us day-to-day morality in myths and stories which are as dear to us as the histories of our own family communities. It still stands as a book of great language and beauty. It was used by the enforcers of slavery and later by the liberators of slaves and transformed into liberation theology by the slaves themselves. It was the embedding of gospel music, soul, blues, jazz and rock and has redefined sexual attitudes and fortified and provoked philosophy. Artists have clung to stories for 400 years. Men who wanted the Word of God in English would not be deterred and many were destroyed to get the Bible published in English. Here is their heroic story. "The most beautiful piece of writing in any language" comprises 8674 words in Hebrew, 5624 from Greek and 12,143 from old English. It is a tangle of faith, thought and debate, violence, prejudice, terror, poetry, song and hope. Ten years after the King James Bible was published, the Pilgrim Fathers set sail to America and founded the New World. It became a great democracy based on the book, the Word of God, yet how and why did such a book come to Britain? The writing of the book is a story that begins in blood, fear, murder and acts of courage and the finest scribes and martyr to the word was William Tyndale. For Christians and non-Christians, this is a thoughtful, personal journey through four centuries of history. 370pp in large paperback with eight pages of plates.
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