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Sub-titled 'The History of Deadly Devices from World War One to Vietnam', this is the 2016 paperback facsimile reprint of the 2004 original book published as 'Malice Aforethought'. The postscript to this edition says "Booby-trapping today is synonymous with the use of improvised explosive devices...The Argentinians used them in the Falklands, all sides deployed them in Afghanistan, and they were used in both Iraqi Wars...New technologies have given the booby-trapper, be he a terrorist or conventional soldier, new ways of targeting his prey." Historically most booby-traps were set off by the physical actions of the victim or after a time delay...Today there is a whole new range of stimuli which can be used as the trigger. These include acoustics, light, laser, vibration, infra-red, thermal, fine-break wires rather than trip wires and combinations of the above. Most of these 'improvements' have come into existence in the last 30 years. This book is very much more a historical document of man traps, motivation and methods, designers and devices, the North African campaign, the Italian campaign, sabotage, the liberation of North West Europe, the war against Japan and Vietnam. There are dozens of illustrations including man traps, a booby trap in a pear tree, a booby-trapped wine bottle from 1944 and a booby-trapped doll in the same village of Faella, a McAlpine fuze and a schematic of a booby-trapped house, Korean cartoons and a nail bomb incorporating a British time pencil, the results of an explosion of a booby trap on a motorcycle and a Viet Cong tunnel complex located during Operation Cedar Falls, 1967. There are figures and drawings tracing the design, deployment and effectiveness of these deadly devices and the lengths that armies have gone to to gain an edge. 270pp in illustrated softback.
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