ZOOM: How Everything Moves, from Atoms and Galaxies

ZOOM: How Everything Moves, from Atoms and Galaxies

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A quirky and popular treatment of space and time. Sit as still as you can in your favourite armchair and you may be able to convince yourself that nothing is moving. But air currents are wafting around you, your blood is racing through your arteries, the atoms in that very chair are jiggling furiously and, more to the point, the whole planet is whizzing through space 35 times faster than sound. Natural motion dominates our lives and shapes the intricate mechanics of the world and Universe and Bob Berman has a wonderful way of explaining and describing this. Taking things literally from the ground up with mountains rising (parts of the Himalayas grow taller by two inches a year) his enthusiastic style takes in geology, astronomy, biology, meteorology and the history of science as he distils the essence of movement in all its forms. Learn why a cloud stays up in the sky (normally), which fast invisible objects are bombarding you right now, why rivers flow in the way they do and waves in the sea are so fascinating, how tornados and thunderstorms begin and be intrigued by the extremely useful "Who Can Catch Whom" speed league table of animals (the cheetah is joined by the sailfish at the top, with 68mph) and the speed table of tree growth is an eye-opener too. The highest-velocity body motion is the good old sneeze, which has been recorded at launching some 40,000 particles at 102mph. Berman's comprehensive examination of the Coriolis Effect is an absolute joy and the way he unpicks the mysteries of gravity made us feel very clever indeed! 323pp, illus.
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