WIKILEAKS FILES: The World According To US Empire

WIKILEAKS FILES: The World According To US Empire

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When WikiLeaks published US Government documents with classification markings, two parallel campaigns began ? first, the public campaign of downplaying, diverting attention from, and reframing any revelations that were a threat to the prestige of US national security. And secondly, an internal campaign within the national security itself to digest what had happened. More than 5.1 million Americans in 2014 had active security clearances. The classified cables and other documents published by WikiLeaks and associated media were completely identical to the original versions officially available to all those with the necessary security clearance. They were electronic copies. In 2011 the US government sent out what could be called in Assange's words 'A WikiLeaks fatwa' to every federal government agency and employee and security contractor. Subsequently there has been extensive use of WikiLeaks materials particularly in courts from the UK to Pakistan and in international tribunals. The book addresses the need for scholarly analysis of what these millions of documents published by WikiLeaks say about international geopolitics. It reveals how the US deals with various regional and international power dynamics. It examines the materials on the so-called 'war on terror', CIA torture, 'empire of free trade' and the worldwide promotion of neoliberal economic reform providing American corporations with access to 'global markets'. Chapter four is a do-it-yourself guide on how to use WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy written by Investigations Editor Sarah Harrison. It contained 2,325,961 cables and other diplomatic records and the chapter explains how to get started searching, reading and interpreting cable metadata and content from the infamous Cherokee restriction. Japan and South Korea have been epicentres of US influence within East Asia for decades. The cables document nearly a decade of US efforts to affect domestic political outcomes within these two countries in line with its own long-term interests. In chapter 14, investigative journalist Tim Shorrock examines the geopolitical triangle. Chapter 13 covers publications of Afghanistan such as the Afghan War Diary and offers a stark assessment of the folly of US military involvement since 2001. It looks at Israel's military dominance in the Middle East and the tripartite geopolitical stand off between the US, Israel and Iran and focusses on the P5+1 talks about Iran's nuclear enrichment programme. Chapter 7 shows the US has pursued a policy of aggressive NATO expansion, challenging Russia's regional hegemony within Eastern Europe and seeking to subvert nuclear treatise to maintain its strategic advantage. Perhaps no other book demonstrates the full spectrum of US imperial interference in the world, from torture to military action, trade deals and 'soft power'. 614pp in paperback. Remainder mark.
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