OVER THE TOP AND BACK: The Autobiography

OVER THE TOP AND BACK: The Autobiography

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What is perhaps the most enjoyable part is the sense of astonishment with which Sir Tom Jones serves up these memoirs, as though he simply cannot believe what he has achieved himself. So, how did Thomas John Woodward, born in 1940 into a coalmining family in Pontypridd become one of the world's best-loved entertainers, one who is still plying his trade at the highest levels as he approaches the end of his eighth decade? He tells of his childhood and family life, the 18 month battle with tuberculosis that punctuated his early teens and his first gigs in the pubs of Pontypridd, aged 17. His raw, frequently very rude and brutally honest recollections of the dizzy heights he achieved in the 60s and 70s are utterly riveting. Despite the fact that he can name-drop literally everyone in the entertainment world in the last 50 years, he places no more or less importance on his memories of the likes of Elvis, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Muhammad Ali et al with his friends and family from Wales and the people that have done all the hard work behind the scenes, none more than his wife Linda, whom he married in 1957 and who sadly died in April last year, not long after this book was published. Despite his manifold infidelities she stood by him even when his career staggered in the 80s, a period he relates with typical candour. The best part? Elvis, desperate to pitch a song to him, walks into his dressing room after a show. "Give me five minutes to have a shower" says the profusely sweaty Tom, but nobody keeps the King waiting, and when he rinses the shampoo out of his eyes Elvis is standing next to him in the shower in a soaking wet leather jumpsuit, singing the song. Not only that, he left a .45 pistol on the toilet… A memoir like none other from the one and only Voice. 32 pages of colour photos plus many more b/w, 424pp. Remainder mark.
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