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Sub-titled '8 Techniques for A Safe Full-Body Workout' here is the best way to avoid straining necks, backs and wrists. Developed in the early 20th century by accomplished boxer and gymnast Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method aligns the body - builds long, lean muscles and develops core abdominal strength. However practiced improperly, it can lead to injuries such as pinched discs, hyper extension of the wrists and lower back pain. This special book explains the basic biomechanics of wrists, ankles and lower spine and details how injuries occur and offers tips and guidelines to maintain correct alignment. Mat exercises include the criss-cross, saw, mermaid stretch and spine twist, here all shown correctly in diagrams and text. Rotation (torsion) is influenced by the shape of the articular apophysis that meet at each level of the spine and form the facet joints at the back of the vertebrae. The lumber region does not rotate and under pressure results in compression of the cartilage. Truly this is an anatomy of movement handbook, with bone structure, flexor tendons, the median nerve and ligaments of the hand and wrist, arm muscles, structure of the joints of the ankle and more explained in clear diagrams. Footwork, teasers, stomach, stretches, lunges and side sit-ups all shown in detailed diagrams. Technical very large softback, 118pp.
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