GUTENBERG BIBLE OF 1454: Facsimile Edition Two Volumes


GUTENBERG BIBLE OF 1454: Facsimile Edition Two Volumes

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The printing press has been called the greatest invention of the second millennium. The epitome of illuminated manuscript published in Mainz around 1454, the Gutenberg Bible was the first major Western publication to be printed with movable metal type, ushering in a whole new age of knowledge distribution through mass-produced books. Before Gutenberg, woodcut printing and early forms of movable type printing had been mastered in Asia, but had yet to reach Europe. Instead, each book had to be copied by hand in a long, labour-intensive process. Not only did Gutenberg's innovation irreversibly enriched public knowledge, pioneering mass communication and allowing people to access ideas and participate in discussions like never before, right up there with the Internet. This facsimile edition derives from one of the very few surviving complete vellum Latin originals worldwide; the Göttingen Library edition, one of the most valuable books in the world, listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World program. Red 'rubicon' corrections included, two columns in gorgeous ink Latin manuscript per folio, 'gold leaf' and colour capitals. All 1,282 pages of this artistic and technological masterwork are included, along with a companion book written by Stephan Füssel, Gutenberg-Chair at Mainz University, introducing Johannes Gutenberg, his transformative influence and his life and work, and two important documents here is facsimile - the Göttingen Model Book which details how colours in leaf decoration were applied, chequered patterns and more used to illuminate the Göttingen Library edition and The Notarial Instrument by Ulrich Helmasperger, which records the history of this unique invention. With typographic examples, scrollwork and initials and symbolism on the binding, an embossed figure of Christ. Hardcover, 2 volumes with softback illustrated booklet. 9cm x 23.5 x 33cm, a super-heavyweight 1400 pages, pagemarkers. Boxed with carry handle. Colour. Text in Latin. Brand new and hot off the printed press from Taschen.
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