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A troupe of African, American, Asian or Oceanic masks and ancestor effigies stare out at us, often sporting threatening snarls, bristling beards, lolling tongues and pointed canines. Are tribal societies devoid of humour? Some of the Alaskan and Inuit masks are certainly not. Colossal and towering, miniature, composed of perishable or durable materials, figurative or abstract, exuberantly baroque or spare and minimalist, tribal artworks are as complex and varied as the men and women who produced them. What can a 'totem' from British Columbia, an Aborigine bark painting, and Amazonian feather headdress, a Maori meeting house, a Dogon mask, and Inca feather poncho, an Inuit sculpture, or a nails and button sculpture have in common? Perhaps the impulse to create beauty that is subordinated to the sacred. Learn, understand and compare ideas about the origins, styles and forms, functions, myths, key dates and far-reaching influence of tribal art. The book covers 46 key terms, 30 significant tribal artworks beautifully photographed in colour and 17 prominent advocates and pays homage to the artists who created far more than just erotic figures and sacred totems. 256pp in heavyweight large softback.
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