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Following the Russian Revolution, there was a terrible and confused struggle for mastery of Central Asia. The book is sub-titled 'Lenin's Dream of An Empire In Asia'. When the long-awaited revolution in Europe failed to materialise, Lenin exhorted "the East will help us conquer the West." Peter Hopkirk tells the story of the Bolshevik attempt to set the East ablaze with the heady new gospel of Marxism. Lenin's dream was to liberate the whole of Asia, but his starting point was British India. A shadowy, undeclared war followed. Among the players in this new Great Game were British spies, Communists, Revolutionaries, Muslim visionaries and Chinese warlords, as well as a White Russian Baron who roasted alive his Bolshevik captives. Here is an extraordinary tale of intrigue and treachery, barbarism and civil war in a classic example of truth outpacing fiction. But the British, although exhausted by war, were not a people to take such a challenge lying down and their Secret Service was still the world's most formidable. A tale of three great empires - Britain, Russia and China, a tale of treachery and occasionally pure farce. One formidable player in this shadowy war was the veteran Intelligence Officer Sir Wilfred Malleson, the early master of dirty tricks who ran a vast network of spies and secret agents from Meshed, in north-eastern Persia. Reading like vintage Buchan, here are the amazing adventures behind Bolshevik lines of Colonel F. M. Bailey and Colonel Percy Etherton who fought a ruthless, almost personal war from his lonely outpost at Kashgar in Chinese Turkestan, close to the Russian frontier. A price was put on his head. Bolshevik heroes included the professional Indian revolutionary and Marxist theoretician M. N. Roy and Mikhail Borodin. Casts new light on modern day situations, caused by much of this history. 2016 paperback of the 1984 original. 252pp in paperback, maps.
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