SAVE £10,000 WITH A NAIL: More Than 1,700 Practical Tips

SAVE £10,000 WITH A NAIL: More Than 1,700 Practical Tips

READER'S DIGEST    Book Number: 84098    Product format: Hardback

Save £400 with a sponge, £750 with a vacuum cleaner keeping your wallpaper looking new for years, £800 with a bar of soap to keep sash windows gliding smoothly, save £250 with a newspaper for plaster repair, £1000 with a chisel to do a common brick-wall repair yourself, and £150 with a tissue to show when your tumble dryer's door seal needs replacing. Use talcum powder on those squeaky stairs, repair rotten window seals, eight quick remedies to make your front door more secure, seven tips for an organised garage, how to replace a cracked electrical socket, how to install a water butt, fixing taps on a bath, a pumice stone is useful for removing 'tide marks' from the bath tub and use an oven thermometer one a year to test your oven's thermostat. The ultimate problem-solving and crisis-preventing home care guide, this Reader's Digest publication is the perfect blend of ingenious tips, step-by-step maintenance advice and easy, small "stitch-in-time" repairs which will save you thousands in the long run. With the emphasis firmly on the preventative side of things, the book's 1,700-plus tips are split into chapters covering interiors, exteriors, systems (electrics, plumbing, heating), the garden and finally home protection (fire and carbon monoxide alarms, anti-intruder systems and pest control). Superlative standard and quantity of colour photos illustrate the typical signs of an imminent problem then how to go about solving/preventing it, helpful tips and illus on tools, working methods and safety tips. A copy of this excellent book should be provided with every mortgage offer, we say! 320pp, 8"×10¼".
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