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Arguably the most important Scandinavian artist, and one who led the way into Expressionism, this book celebrates the life and work of Edvard Munch in his exploration of the human psyche and emotions. Hajo Düchting's passion for the work of Munch surpasses simply the love of his soft contours and bright expanses of colour, but goes so far as to depict in technicolour, an understanding of the man behind the art work. Through this companion we can comprehend how Munch's short brush with death influenced works such as 'The Sick Girl', or how losing his mother and sister potentially may have pushed him to create works such as 'Inger on the Beach'. Having been posthumously diagnosed with bipolar condition, we bear witness to the changes within him as his works move from the myriad of colours in 'Evening', to the fascinating horror of 'The Scream', or the desolation in 'Puberty'. Accompanying every painting is the expected detail of the date, size and type of painting, the type of painting, however Düchting goes further, providing artistic insight into popular works, such as his successful portraits, landscapes, and self portraits which possessed the important theme of age as Munch himself addressed his own mortality. The tortured artist is a complex pinnacle of culture and through Düchting's definitive compendium of his paintings and history we can begin to comprehend the genius behind the art. Quality Könemann publication, 19 x 19cm, colour photos and images, 288pp.
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