DEFENDING LONDON: The Military Landscape

DEFENDING LONDON: The Military Landscape

MIKE OSBORNE    Book Number: 83898    Product format: Paperback

London, the capital of the country and a tapestry of Britain's history, is adorned with features of our past spread across the skyline and streets. A prominent feature of our city's historical landscape, however, is the military pageantry that we can still explore today. Through this glorious compendium, accompanied by brilliant black and white photos, we can peruse the military features across the years, from the prehistoric era, to Saxon and Roman London, or London in the Cold War 1946-90. While the capital was a target during the First and Second World Wars, Osborne admires buildings such as 64 Whitehall Court, Westminster which was shared as HQ of the Forage Department and the Women's Forage Corps during the First World War, as well as the configuration of the city with three concentric lines of fixed fortifications around the city during the Second World War, which were constructed over the course of 12 months in 1940. The grandiose manors of Cardinal Wolsey and the developments surrounding them are rediscovered with Osborne as he guides us through palaces, such as Whitehall Palace, and how Wolsey grew them with his power. Walk the streets of London in the late Medieval period and understand how stronger, fortified buildings were both reward for the mistresses of Edward III and favoured upper class, as well as a shrewd investment for successful merchants and business men to protect their goods from rioting individuals during a time of civil unrest. The military past of our country is etched into the architecture of London and this companion is the perfect tour guide. Paperback, black and white photos and images, 256pp, 17 x 24.6cm.
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